Use Cases
Here are tips on how experts from the software industry use Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket in their daily work
Visibility & Focus
Get an overview of what is happening on a project and measure team productivity

Compare actual development speed with estimated
Group developers based on their performance to understand what outcome to expect

Check if there are enough resources for a project or not

Speed up decision making
Knowledge sharing & Skills development
Prepare for 1-to-1 meetings to identify areas of growth and help develop skills

Track how actively developers share their knowledge and interact while reviewing pull requests

Find top committers of repos to assign them responsible for them
Motivation & encouragement
Use data in internal gamification to find the top fixers / bug-finders / contributors to motivate and give bonuses

Identify the most efficient teams to learn from them
Velocity & Quality
Check PRs resolution time, as a short approval time may indicate a lack of thorough analysis

Identify when people work (day of the week, time) because of flexible schedules and remote work

Track when juniors spend too much time working on a problem without asking for help
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