Use Cases
Here are gathered tips on how experts from large companies use Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket
Reports preparation & Data gathering
Provide management with monthly/quarterly reports that include teams' performance, their progress, and areas for improvement

Send monthly newsletters to teams about their progress, including commits, pull requests, resolution time, number of tickets in the latest release, and issues they encountered
Speed & Quality
Monitor the number of commits and PRs each week to determine who is working on what and how much progress has been made

Identify the number of enhancements made and the number of production issues resolved

Check PRs resolution time, as a short approval time may indicate a lack of thorough analysis

Evaluate developer performance and compare it with others if some issues occur
Estimate the developers’ workload

Identify the shortage of resources for a project
Knowledge sharing & Skills development
Track how actively developers share their knowledge and interact while reviewing pull requests

Measure teams' performance and individual contribution of each developer to identify areas of growth and help develop skills
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