Use Cases
Here are gathered tips on how experts from enterprises use Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket in their daily work
Velocity & Quality
Investigate the inefficiency of developers if it occurs

Measure individual developer productivity, including the amount of code and pull requests they've generated

Check the correlation of the number of commits/lines of code with logged-in hours
Knowledge sharing & Skills development
Identify the teams that are more mature and better in their practices to learn from them

Monitor how the teams are improving over time
Reports preparation & Data gathering
Use REST API to build custom reports and prepare for SOX reporting

Prepare a summary report at the project level with a list of all the commits and pull requests
Visibility & Focus
Get an overview of
  • the current product development stage, who committed, how much, and when
  • the code review process
  • the contribution of each team/developer in terms of commits and lines of code

Estimate pull requests' lifecycles

Evaluate the progress of teams and project development
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